Using Booktrack Classroom In Libraries

Many teachers and educators are already discovering that Booktrack Classroom is a great tool for digital learning, so it's no surprise that libraries are also starting to explore how they can best use Booktrack and Booktrack Classroom to cater to readers and writers.

Here are just some of the amazing feedback we've been getting from librarians and digital educators on social media:

"Add narration and soundtrack to reading and writing. So very, very cool."
- Heather Moorefield, Education Librarian at Virginia Tech @actinginthelib

"Had great Booktrack fun with a class full of 10-13 year olds! Feedback: "This was a great should run it again next holidays..."
- Tauranga Libraries @tgactylibraries

"Stuck inside? Great time to read or play music. Why not try both? Try Booktrack - read a book set to music. It's free!"
- UnionvilleHS Library @uhslib

"Your students will LOVE Booktrack, a free web app that syncs digital books to audio."
- Marygrove College @MGCollegeMAT

"Started a Booktrack activity today using fig lang with 7th graders. Will share materials soon...loving Booktrack!"
- Melissa Morgan, English teacher @m_morgan28

"Can't wait to give it a try with my 4th grade students"
- Jennifer Cimini, 4th Grade Teacher, Craneville Elementary School @jenny_cimini

Don't take their word for it though, try out Booktrack Classroom for yourself! Getting started is easy. Just sign up for a teacher account at, and you can start adding "students" to your digital classroom.

Booktrack Classroom is a closed educational platform, which means that Booktracks created by the students you have added to your class are private and can only be read by you and other members of the class. There are also a variety of free tools on offer, such as free lesson plans for all levels of students.

Libraries interested in running holiday programs with older students, and those looking to share their stories with a wider worldwide audience can sign up to Booktrack Studio, our global publishing platform for authors.

And of course, anyone can read for free on Booktrack or Booktrack Classroom. Just click on one of the thousands of free titles available in the library and start reading!