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10th May 2018

Today we have removed our Booktrack Classroom Android and iOS mobile applications from their respective app stores, we have retired these applications as they are no longer necessary. Our Booktrack Classroom web application now provides full support for Booktrack's unique soundtrack reading experience through your mobile device browser.

Since we first built the Classroom mobile applications, mobile browser technology and capabilities have progressed significantly. This has allowed us to evolve the Booktrack web reader to work within the browser on your mobile device.
We're sure you will find your mobile Booktrack Classroom reading experience even better than the mobile application.

Rural New Zealand teacher Andrea Williams transforms reluctant readers and writers with Booktrack Classroom for Google Chrome


Andrea Williams’ school is tucked into a lush green countryside in the northern part of New Zealand. Waiau Pa School is 125 years old, but with a school-wide 1:1 Chromebook program, they are at the forefront of utilizing technology in the classroom. Andrea uses a variety of apps and technology solutions to personalize the learning experience for each of her 25 6th and 7th grade students.


Kate Baker is constantly on the hunt for new tools to push her high school students to higher levels of achievement. At Southern Regional High School on the east coast of New Jersey, she frequently uses her school's cart of Chromebooks and utilizes a BYOD model to enhance learning. She also makes sure to balance tech use with plenty of face-to-face collaborative activity. 


Jason Hovey

I left teaching over 15 years ago. At the time, I was working as a K-6 technology coordinator at a school in San Francisco. Technology integration into classroom teaching, particularly use of the internet as a research tool, was just starting to really ramp up in my school and others. Within my network at the time, the charge was largely being led by librarians, tech coordinators, and a few forward-thinking classroom teachers.


It's the beginning of the long summer break for many students, a time when parents, librarians and other educators are looking for ways to keep kids entertained and learning. Booktrack Classroom is a great tool to incorporate into digital or eBook summer reading programs.