New Classroom Release: Improved Classroom Control, Tool Tips and More

We've started unrolling a whole new suite of exciting features for Booktrack Classroom!

Sign Up With The Same Email Address

You can now sign up to both Booktrack Studio and Booktrack Classroom with the same email address. This means it's easier than ever to use Booktrack Classroom as a teaching tool, and Booktrack Studio to create and read more Booktracks at home.

Better Classroom Control

Teachers can now have better control over their Classroom with our new block feature. Teachers can stop students from publishing to the Classroom library by selecting a button next to the student's name. Blocked students can still read from the Classroom library, they just won't be able to publish.

Teachers can unblock students at any time and restore full use of publishing and reading features to the student.

Tool Tips

Tool TipThe new Tool Tips feature shows up on the class and student details' screen, giving you information on what the text box is for. Just click the little "i" icon and a pop-up screen will give you more information.

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions so far, we'd love to hear more so please keep them coming to!