Firewalls and Booktrack Classroom

A firewall is a system that isolates your computer from the Internet, usually for security reasons. Schools and other institutions normally have strong firewalls set up to help prevent unauthorized access and traffic to school computers from other people on the Internet.

In order to use Booktrack Classroom within the school environment your school needs to allow traffic to the Booktrack site – this may require the system administrator to set up a number of exceptions within the school firewall (see below).

Instructions for School Administrators 


The system administrator must allow or open all outbound TCP traffic to the following domains and ports on the firewall or NAT:


The traffic is comprised of the following content types:


Proxy Servers

If you have a proxy server installed on your gateway, you will need to enable the HTTP proxy to allow the above ports and domains.
If you are using SOCKS proxy, the same ports will need to be allowed.
No further browser setup should be required if your browsers are configured for normal access.

Mobile App access via a proxy server
To enable the Booktrack apps to use a proxy server on a WiFi network, use the following:



  1. Connect to WIFI network (e.g. "ValleyHighWiFi")
  2. Open Settings->WIFI
  3. Long tap on connected network's name (e.g. on "ValleyHighWiFi")
  4. 'Modify network config',
  5. Select 'Show advanced options'
  6. Set proxy settings to Manual
  7. Enter your gateway IP address in the Proxy Hostname box
  8. Enter the port for your proxy
  9. You may need to enter some Bypass domains
  10. Save or OK

Please note, different Android versions have different ways of accessing and setting proxy settings. The instructions above work on a variety of newer Samsung and Nexus devices. Some Android devices will not support proxies in non-browser apps.

On some versions you can find the WiFi settings with the following:
Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings > Menu > Advanced > Wi-Fi proxy.
Then enter the server and port as above.



  1. Open settings-> WiFi
  2. Connect to the WiFi network and click on > button near the network name
  3. Under Proxy, Select Auto if you know about automatic proxy detection; otherwise
  4. Manual under Proxy
  5. Enter the proxy server IP address or name under server
  6. Enter the proxy server port


If you are still unable to access Booktrack Classroom or would like some help to walk you through the process, contact our Support Team at